The Browning Auto Five Light Twelve

I picked up the 1969 Browning A-5 Light Twelve in April of 2016. After almost a year of shooting it all I can say is “Damn, what a shotgun!” It fits like it was built for me. On the second outing with it, I was calling for birds with the gun at high port, safety on, and shooting when the bead caught the bird. Think I missed one of 35 or so and usually, there wasn’t a dime sized piece that hit the ground. These results have remained consistent. I’m not a great wingshot, but this gun is a natural hitter for me.

The Auto 5’s ‘long recoil’ system is amazingly efficient and reliable as the sunrise. With field loads, this shotgun it kicks so little it does not need a pad.

Here’s Randy Wakeman’s excellent video on these guns, for anybody interested.