The Benefits and Proficient Use of the DA/SA Autopistol

Recent range time on Sig’s excellent P226 and P229 platfoms remided me of the benefits of the DA/SA auto. Another fine example is the G Model Berettas, which convert the standard M9/92 safety into a decocker.

One, they are safe enough for worry-free daily carry. Two, they have a substantially better SA trigger than their striker-fired cousins. And three, should you want that sweet SA trigger for the first shot, you simply thumb back the hammer. The decock lever safely lowers the hammer if that shot isn’t needed.

Internet Angst Abounds over the dreaded ‘transition’ from DA to SA, but if I can learn it so can you. Ernest Langdon, the Bruce Lee of DA/SA autos, has a clear, consise trio of videos to help you along.