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Glock’s Model 30 .45 ACP Compact

I recently acquired a used Model 30 from Summit Gun Broker. It was essentially new with no firing wear at all visible on the barrel- none. The little porker runs and shoots real well. It grouped about 2 1/2″ at 25 yards with Tula 230 FMJ and it grouped three, 230 Golden Sabers in just under an inch and a half at that distance, from ‘lawn chair rest’. Its only problem was that it shot about 6″ high at 25 yards. No biggie, as it was slated for sight work anyhow. I can’t abide guns that don’t shoot where they look. 

I dug around in my box of old Glock parts and came up with a dim old steel rear night sight that came off a G23. I also added a new Ameriglo GL-112 front sight, which I prefer for its nice white circle around the tritium element.

Now Glock and everybody else will tell you that a 30 won’t zero with the rear sight intended for a 22/23/etc.- but this one never got the memo. 5 rounds of Tula 230 FMJ at 25 yards.

I figured since I had the pistol zeroed, I might as well shoot a qualification with it. The target represents ‘yank & blast’ at 6 feet, 2-taps from the holster, 3-taps from low ready and it finishes with 10 rounds each at 15 & 25 yards, all under time constraints.

Do I like it? Just color me…


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  1. That is a great choice, I had a Glock 30SF for about two years, it shot real well but the grip is too big for my hand, so I sent it down the road. Glocks in .45acp are some of the most accurate Glocks that I have encountered. Presently I’m all 9mm, just picked up the Glock 43 (single stack), Sarge you should give that a try…

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