Tuesday’s election results are, more than anything else, a reaffirmation of the values, drive and spirit that made America great. The torch has been passed to a man with no political background, no sense of political correctness and no obligation to special interests. This rejection of Establishment Politics is a profound moment in American history. Donald Trump ran as a Republican because our archaic ‘electoral college’ system favors the two-party system. He could just as easily have won the popular vote running as an Independent.

We The People have finally ‘had enough’. We have had enough of Obama and his so-called health care system which quickly proved unaffordable and untenable in the marketplace. We have had enough of race politics, gender politics and entitlement politics. We have had enough of the president telling us men in dresses should be able to enter the ladies room with our wives, daughters and grand-daughters and then threatening us with federal ‘hate crime’ prosecution if we dared to intervene on their behalf. We’ve had enough of a Justice Department that long ago abandoned the concept of Equal Protection Under the Law.

We’ve had enough of the Clintons and (with apologies to donkeys & mules) jackasses in the media, pro sports and the entertainment industries–many who have never held a ‘real job’ in their lives—telling us how America should be run.

This reaffirmation of freedom in not without its perils. The stock markets will roller-coaster, the entitled class will riot and world powers will bluster. Mortal enemies may even attempt to attack us while a weakling is our commander in chief.

Bring it on, bitches. The American Fighting Spirit has finally awakened from its coma.