The Revelation (Mossberg) R310AB 12 Gauge


 The pawnshop addiction strikes again. This is an old Revelation R310AB, which is a Western Auto Mossberg 500A marketed between the mid 70’s and 80’s. The gun came to me in the Gun & Ammo Famine of 2013, at well under 150 bucks. It has a 28″ modified plain barrel with a lot of blue wear and a tad of rust, which some elbow grease and cold blue corrected to my satisfaction.

What it does do is shoot well and it put 25 #7 1/2 pellets in the 5X of a B21 at 40 yards. Also kept 6 of 9 pellets of Winchester ‘military’ 00 buck on the silhouette at that distance.

It works fine if operated normally but if you racked it really hard, it would double-feed. I pulled it down and tweaked the shell catches a bit, which corrected that. I also discovered it needs extractor springs; an eight dollar fix.

My son Josh & I busted some hand-thrown clays with this old shotgun today. Damn, I had forgotten how much fun this is! The old Revelation/Mossberg was pure death on them with its modified barrel, and neither of us could seem to miss with it. Josh liked it well enough that it went home with him.


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  1. frank henegar says:

    Do you still have the gun for sale . 423-419-9115

  2. Mike Isaac says:

    This model was my first shotgun that I bought at Western Auto in 1971 for $85.00. I love it and it is still my only shotgun. It not only is great for pheasant and rabbit but I have killed quite a few deer with it. I bought a slug barrel for it in 1980 for $49. The slug barrel shoots a slug perfectly however the original 28″ modified does also. You’ll love it. My cousin bought a 16 gauge about 1 year later but ended up selling it. I wish he would have given me a chance to purchase it. Good luck Mike

  3. David says:

    Do u know where to find parts for this weapon ..

  4. Dan says:

    In 1974, when I was 16, a relative passed away and left me $1,000 which seemed like a million at that time! First thing I did was run down to the Western Auto store and pick up my first shotgun, a Mossberg R310AB 12 Gauge – 30″ barrel. Funny thing is it says Revelation, and doesn’t say Mossberg anywhere on the gun. First thing I noticed is it is not only very accurate, but also was very durable! I could use it to move thick brush out of my way as I was “barreling” through the woods. Before I shoot 3″ Magnum shells again, I think I will invest in a recoil pad!

  5. willis says:

    This is the frist shotgun I ever owned, my mom and dad bought it for me when I was 12, for Christmas. I still have it, still works great, and has killed a lot of birds, that ate well I might add.

  6. Scott Bodell says:

    I got mine in 1974. 28″ modified vent rib. Shot clays this year for the first time in 25 years and couldn’t miss. Found your comments looking for a slug barrel for it to hunt hogs in Texas. Only problem I’ve ever had is that shooting heavier loads causes the thumb safety screw to loosen. Safety slides back “on” while you’re bearing down on target.

  7. Daniel P says:

    Picked up one the other day from a buddy took it out and dropped one on first hunt with it every buckshot hit the deer good solid deer gun.

  8. rigderunner says:

    I just purchased one from a friend / 30 inch full choke revelation 12 guage r310 ab in good condition / could not find its worth in my book –help, thanks

    • Sarge says:

      Thanks for writing Ridgerunner. I think I gave $130 for the old shotgun that the article was written about. That was in 2012 and they’re worth a little more now, I assume. Prices on any firearm are generally established by what a local market is willing to pay.

  9. nick callender says:

    I bought one abought 25 or 30 years ago for 60 bucks from a co-worker. I am thinking about sawing the barrel to 18 1/2 inches. Should I leave it alone and buy a 189 dollar gun? Haven’t shot it a whole lot but it has never let me down unlike my 870 Remington

    • Sarge says:

      It’s your call, Nick. Of I’ve got a shotgun that patterns well, I leave that barrel alone and find a second one to shorten. You will never have a hard time finding a good used Model 500 barrel.

  10. sully v says:

    Hi–I just picked up a “vintage” Winchester 1300 Defender (included box), it was never used, carried, or fired — bought it used for $280.00. I’ve always been a Remington 870 Police Mag guy, but this shotgun has the smoothest action I have ever used. Your articles on shotguns got me looking for something older, different, and neglected. This Winchester is turning into one of my favorites. Thank you Sarge.

    • Sarge says:

      That is great, I’ve corrupted another reader into buying un-tacticool old guns from 1950 forward! I just picked up an old 1300 Defender myself and I really like it. Article coming soon.

  11. Russell says:

    I am in the need for a used or new butt stock for a Revelation 310A 12 ga w/Variable Choke Barrel. I cannot seem to find a cross reference for a modern part number for it. Can anyone help?

  12. Barry Sulkin says:

    I bought a used Revelation 310ABR from a local gun shop for $150 about 1994. It had numerous marks and dings with some scratches both on the receiver and the stock. I used it exclusively for trap and it was excellent. The ring nut on the pump tube kept loosening up then stripped out altogether. I made a new one that screw on with an interference fit and all was OK again. I’ve since turned it into a security gun, shortened the barrel to 18 1/2″ and installed a pistol grip.

  13. Jesse Buras says:

    What is the R310AB 12 gauge in excellent condition valued at today

  14. Wow I have had this AB 310 Revelation 30inch pump shotgun since I was 16 1977 paid I think 80 dollars for it. I am cleaning it up today still good condition and shoots and racks fine. but I never knew it was a Mossberg.
    Thanks Guys for the info,

  15. Jim Weeks says:

    How hard was it to replace the extractor springs and where did you get them. I have one with the same problem.

  16. Steve says:

    How do you know the date of western auto r310ab revelation

  17. shotgun says:

    i have a relevation/mossberg 310ab i will sell for 165.00 if there are any interested partys.

    • Sarge says:

      If someone wishes to contact Tom about his Revelation 310AB, his email address is

      The Sixgun Journal assumes no responsibility for firearms transfers between users of this site and reminds interested parties that all state and federal laws regarding such transfers must be followed to the letter.

  18. Calvin Critten says:

    I have one in great condition. 3342005724

  19. Sherrill lance says:

    Mine kicks so hard it wants to jump out of my hand .
    Shot at a chicken hawk at about 150 yards with turkey load 2 1/2
    Shells . Wore a bruise on my right shoulder for a week .
    It had been awhile sense I had shot it . Headed to pawn shop
    To trade for something else .

  20. Bill Cremeans says:

    I have a Revelation 12 gauge R310AB also. Love it, shoots better then my 1100 trap gun.

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