The Campfire

It’s worth mentioning that my first foray onto the internet was about 1999- and the second place I found was ‘The Campfire’, a forum inhabited by fine gentlemen like John Taffin, Jim Taylor, Lee Jurras and the like. At this late date, I can’t recall whether Taylor or Taffin was running it at that moment; but the changes were seamless and the fire was always warm. The background was the color of weathered leather, decorated with worn Colt Single Actions and the melody of ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ playing in the background. The highest compliment I can pay those gentlemen is to say that couldn’t have arrived in a better place on the web.

So welcome to my Campfire. Down through history, the campfire has been a place to spin yarns, enjoy the camaraderie of friends and family and maybe enjoy a snort of Ol’ Stumpblower before turning in for the night. But more than anything else it is a place to talk after the day’s stresses are set aside. We’ll discuss a lot of topics which are important to us on the big and small scale… and of course we’ll talk about guns.

Let’s begin with the wonderful old 30-30 Winchester. I hope you all enjoy it here.



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  1. monte white usmc retired says:

    on some of my missions as a marine we worked with some local boys down in panama and were chasing what were led to believe were insurgents trying to damage the canal.later we learned we were just helping norieaga to dispose of his competition.we could not dress like marines or carry our Vietnam era m16s either,so we got guns from these boys of all sorts,i got an old mod 92 lever in44-40 and a beat up mod 10 smith but even though they looked rough they worked fine.i did confirm my love for the levergun as I never felt ill armed and could shoot and run and move feedn my rifle all the time.boy have I got some stories about jungle life.there was more old Winchesters down there than you could shake I stick at.44-40 by way is a damn good knockdown at 25 and 50 meters,i promise,it saved the bacon mornounce.a few times I tried to trade for 30-30 but them boys new the value and had lots of ammo stamped 7.62x51r from norma in Europe,did not know it was called that till then.well if I get any response ill talk some more.till then semperfi from monte white galena Missouri..

  2. Sarge says:

    Welcome to the fire, Monte. It’s been a while since I was through Galena. Sounds like you had some entertaining times in tropical climes 😉 Thank you for your service.

  3. CPL. white M.L. 0351 UNITED STATES MARINE. says:

    there might be at least one old marine that knows what the 03 means in satines.but anyway I was looking at these rossi guns and would like to know more from guys that have them as they seem like well reviewed except for some dumb safety. its right on top and I don’t know why,but I thought I read that is was easy to take off and replaced with an receiver type sight,this is the 92 by the way and I would love to have an octagone rifle with 24 inches and a mag full of 44mag also,how about their new 30- 30 with the pictany rail you can’t beat it for the practicality of a fast shooting lever gun that has the abilty to shoot along side of its younger bro the 308 win.the new hogedon powder seems pretty awesome.7.62X51r. 125grn nosler ballistic tip 20inch mod 94 win top eject pre 64 had a muzzle vel at 10ft from muzzle of 2592 fps….

  4. CPL. white M.L. 0351 UNITED STATES MARINE. says:

    any you old salts out there,let me here from ya as I would like to know if the 0351 mos was even used any more.

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