Axes & Knives (coming soon)

Being of Viking and Southwest American Indian stock, we have a natural affinity for edged tools and weapons. Here you will find short reviews on the various examples we like. Hope you enjoy them.


2 Responses to Axes & Knives (coming soon)

  1. Tom Owen says:

    If you like throwing ‘Hawks, Contact Dee Hinck in Wyoming and get one of his. I have two and am extremely right-handed but, after just 15 throws, I was sticking them both with a left-handed throw. Reason being is I have to have a right shoulder total replacement and didn’t want to quit throwing while it healed.

    As far as Knives go, Dennis Friedly in Cody, Wyoming, wins just about every knife show he attends and has been turning out awesome blades for a long time. I bought my first one from Dennis in 1985! 31 years later it still is the best skinning blade design and sharpest one I have!

    • Sarge says:

      Thank you Tom, I appreciate the input. I’ve got several new articles/projects in the works and getting this section rolling is one of them.

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